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Our cloud-connected environmental monitor just got even better 

Our cloud-connected environmental monitor just got even better 

We’ve made our Quantum Outdoor cloud-connected environmental monitor even better in our latest product release, Quantum 2.1. With improvements in UX and more features added, Quantum Outdoor is setting a new benchmark for remote environmental monitoring systems. 

“We’ve already integrated Quantum with air quality, weather and ground-borne vibration modules, and now we’re pleased to offer more functionality and improved user experience through our new add-ons, reports and software developments,” said Mark Swale, Engineering Manager.

Some of the updates made to improve Quantum Outdoor include:

  • Public Access View: Making it easier to share your environmental impact data with stakeholders outside of your organisation 
  • More Triggers: Be alerted whenever data is pushed to the cloud 
  • Independent Sensors: Users can now purchase individual sensors such as Ground Vibration and Air Quality Monitoring without having the Noise Sensor 
  • Continuously view and manage all your environmental data in one place 
  • Updates to User Experience: Improved experience for users when navigating through reports and data 


All of this, alongside notification filtering, a new and updated MyCirrus App and a more in-depth analysis of ground-vibration impacts, are what make the latest release of Quantum Outdoor the best yet. 

Learn more and explore MyCirrus today. 

About Quantum Outdoor

Quantum Outdoor is a fully automated solution for environmental management that takes advantage of cloud technology to provide a comprehensive environmental monitoring system. It offers the ultimate solution for remote data access and analysis of multiple environmental conditions by combining them all into one easy-to-use package. 

Learn more about Quantum Outdoor and its capabilities

Jaymee-lee Tolliday
Jaymee-lee Tolliday
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