Motorsport Noise Monitoring

With a range of noise measurement tools including permanently-installed drive-by test systems, handheld sound level meters, and noise dosimeters, we can help you monitor and control noise levels on the track, in the pits, and in vehicles.

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Drive-by noise measurement systems are becoming increasingly useful as more circuits are required to monitor, measure and control their noise output into the surrounding environment. Static testing will often identify those vehicles that are well over the limit but it is often the case that rear-engined cars fail static testing whilst being amongst the quietest on the track, and vice versa for front-engined cars.


Drive-by measurements can provide circuits with a real-time display of the noise produced by vehicles passing the test point, which in many cases will identify those that may actually cause complaints to be raised by local residents. Systems can also be provided to automatically measure and record instances where pre-set noise limits are exceeded, providing circuit operators and enforcement bodies with an accurate measurement of the noise of individual vehicles.


We can supply a range of noise monitors and software packages that can be used in this environment, and these systems can be configured and customised to meet your specific requirements. For more details on drive-by noise measurement systems or their applications, please contact us.

Not only is it important to monitor the overall noise output of a circuit during a race or event, but motorsport regulations also govern the noise levels for individual vehicles. Depending on the class of vehicle, noise output can be restricted to as little as 86 decibels. If scrutineers discover that your vehicle exceeds the noise limits for your class, the penalties can be severe, including disqualification.


We provide a range of solutions to help you ensure that your competitive vehicle stays compliant with the regulations of your local governing body. Whether you need an entry-level sound meter to take live readings or a comprehensive vehicle noise kit that complies with the international standards for road-faring vehicles (ISO 5130-1982 and §29 StVZO), we can provide you with the exact solution you need.

Not only is it important to monitor the overall noise levels of a circuit as well as the noise output of individual vehicles, it’s also essential to ensure that those working with and around the vehicle aren’t exposed to excessive noise. Health and safety legislation that covers noise in the workplace applies to every environment, including pit lanes, workshops, and inside vehicles themselves.


The doseBadge5 noise dosimeter is specifically designed and built for this sort of task; with no wires, displays, or buttons, it’s the perfect instrument to record the noise levels experienced by an individual throughout the course of the day. The data it captures will allow you to identify any potential risks and put in place measures to either reduce the levels of noise or increase the amount of protection team members are provided with.


We found out just how loud the cockpit of a rally car actually is, when we went to measure the noise levels inside Ashleigh Morris’ rally car.

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Motorsport Noise Monitoring

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Outdoor Noise Monitor
Quantum Track

Designed specifically for use on racetracks and motorsport venues, ideal for long-term unattended noise monitoring applications.

HD Camera for recording noise breaches
View live data from multiple locations simultaneously
Class 1 noise monitor to IEC 61672-1
Real-time alerts and triggers with video and audio capture
Vehicle Exhaust Noise Measurement Kit
Vehicle Noise Kit

Includes everything needed to make hassle-free vehicle noise measurements.

Remote trigger button for single-person operation
Undertake measurements to ISO 5130-2019
Calculates averages from multiple measurements
Distance template to easily position your microphone
Personal Noise Dosimeter
Original doseBadge

The doseBadge noise dosimeter is ideal for recording the noise levels experienced by an individual throughout the course of the day.

Dual channel instrument with noise profile data
Robust metal case perfect for working environments
LAeq, LCpeak and exposure value parameters
Tamper-proof with no external controls
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