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Vehicle Noise Measurement

The noise from vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks is widespread with many people being affected by these noise sources in their daily lives. Excessive noise from vehicles can cause a public nuisance so all modern vehicles are designed to meet strict safety and emissions standards as well as noise output levels.

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All vehicles sold in the EU must comply with a range of noise directives to ensure that they meet these specified noise levels when they are sold and many countries enforce regular checks over the life of the vehicle.

ISO 5130 is a standard that specifies methods for measuring the noise emitted by road vehicles under stationary and operating conditions. Vehicle noise measurements to ISO 5130 involve standardised procedures to assess the sound levels produced by vehicles, typically focusing on the noise generated by their engines, exhaust systems, and other mechanical components.

ISO 5130 outlines the requirements for the instrumentation used in noise measurements, including microphones, sound level meters, and other testing equipment. These instruments must meet certain specifications to ensure accurate and consistent results.

The standard defines the procedures for conducting noise measurements, including the positioning of microphones, measurement distances, and environmental conditions. It also specifies the test locations and surfaces to ensure reproducibility of results across different testing facilities.

ISO 5130 provides guidance on the analysis of noise measurement data, including the calculation of sound pressure levels, frequency analysis, and the interpretation of results. This helps ensure that noise emissions are accurately characterised and compared against regulatory limits or performance standards.

The standard outlines the requirements for reporting noise measurement results, including the format of test reports and the information to be included, such as test conditions, vehicle specifications, and measurement uncertainties. This facilitates the communication of test findings to relevant stakeholders, such as regulatory authorities, vehicle manufacturers, and consumers.

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Vehicle Noise Measurement

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Vehicle Exhaust Noise Measurement Kit
Vehicle Noise Kit

Includes everything you need to measure stationary vehicle noise, including an Optimus+ sound level meter, trigger button, and measurement template.

Distance template to easily position your microphone
Remote trigger button for single-person operation
Undertake measurements to ISO 5130-2019
Calculates averages from multiple measurements
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