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UKAS Calibration from Cirrus Research

Our specially-equipped North Yorkshire based calibration laboratory (10148) is UKAS accredited to meet the ISO 17025 standard and our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing accurate and efficient acoustic calibration of your equipment.

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Credible Calibration
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UKAS Calibration

Why Choose UKAS Calibration?

When you choose to have your equipment UKAS calibrated with us annually, we extend your warranty by a further year, ensuring that your instruments remain in peak condition and provide reliable data for years to come.

Calibration is essential to ensure your instrument’s accuracy and reliability. Over time an instrument’s precision may be affected by a number of factors, such as where it’s used (e.g. dusty environments, hot climates, and humidity), and whether it’s been dropped or knocked against something.

UKAS-accredited acoustic calibration is one of the highest possible standards of instrument verification available. Cirrus Research is a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)-accredited laboratory, capable of verifying sound level meters, acoustic calibrators, and octave band filters to the very latest standards.


Having your instruments calibrated in our UKAS-accredited laboratory will provide you with the added reassurance that all your measurements are fully traceable to a metrological institute. This ensures that measurements made by your calibrated equipment will stand up to any legal scrutiny. Cirrus Research can issue UKAS calibration certificates for sound level meters, octave band filters, and sound level meter calibrators (acoustic calibrators).

For your peace of mind, we recommend that you back up all of your data from your device to your PC/laptop before sending it in for calibration.

Five-working-day turnaround

The Calibration Journey

Ever wondered what happens to your instrument when it’s being calibrated? Well wonder no more, watch our video to find out about the calibration journey.

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