Quantum Portal 2.4 | Features of the new release!

Quantum Portal 2.4: Features of the new release!

We’re excited to unveil the latest version of the Quantum Portal! Release 2.4 includes a variety of features which are designed by our in-house team to improve overall user experience and expand the capabilities of the portal itself.

Read on to learn more about Quantum 2.4!

Scheduled Triggers

Quantum 2.4 now has the ability to schedule different triggers for various times of the day or specific days of the week. This functionality allows users to specify event collection in alignment with local requirements, so you are only triggering when you need to.

Camera Integration

The addition of a camera, which is triggered by noise events, allows you to add visual context to your audio data. Users can purchase a camera by speaking to our team and set this up in their Quantum Portal settings. Once enabled, all triggers/events will have the camera integration, making it easier to analyse and respond to incidents.

Custom Dashboards

Customisation and ease of use are at the heart of this release, with the introduction of custom dashboards. Users can now create dashboards that incorporate measurements from multiple units and different types of data, such as noise, weather, and dust, all on one page. This level of customisation allows for a more comprehensive view of data, tailored to each users’ individual needs.

Public Dashboards

Sharing insights with stakeholders has never been easier, thanks to the new public dashboards. Dashboards can be published via a URL, allowing for easy access and sharing of data. This feature is ideal for transparency and collaboration, providing a simple way to share real-time data with external parties.

Improved People Page

We’ve made the way you manage team members and their roles more intuitive. The improved interface offers a clearer display of users’ abilities and permissions. This enhancement may seem small, but it ensures that managing access and roles with the Quantum Portal is both efficient and straightforward.

Enhanced Exporting Functions

Users can export measurements in Excel and CSV formats, choosing between all data or just the current screen values. Additionally, reports can now be exported in both Word, Excel and PDF formats, making it easier to analyse, share, and present data, catering to a variety of professional needs.

The latest Quantum Portal Release is packed with features that offer greater flexibility, improved usability, and enhanced data management capabilities. This latest update ensures that users have the tools they need to optimise their environmental monitoring efforts.

Interested in testing out these new features? Head over to the Quantum Portal demo to have a play around with these new features: https://demo.mycirrus.cloud/live.

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Cirrus Products Featured In This Article

Outdoor Noise Monitor
Quantum Outdoor

The Quantum Outdoor noise monitor is a fully automated cloud-based environmental monitor ideally suited for long-term remote measurements of various environmental conditions.

Weather, air quality and vibration monitoring
View live data from multiple locations simultaneously
Class 1 noise monitor to IEC 61672-1
Real-time alerts and triggers with audio capture
Noise Monitor
Quantum Indoor

Quantum Indoor is a remote noise monitor with built-in cloud connectivity, ideally suited for long-term occupational indoor monitoring.

Ideal for permanent occupational monitoring
Class 2 noise monitor to IEC 61672-1: 2013
Real-time alerts and triggers with audio capture
View live data from multiple locations simultaneously
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