Praxis/Urban Air Quality Monitor

Cloud-based Monitoring

Cirrus Research has partnered with South Coast Science, experts in air quality monitoring, to offer you the best out-of-the-box solution for urban air quality monitoring. With the South Coast Praxis Urban you can detect critical environmental pollutants and particulates

  • Measures fine dust and ultrafine particles with sizes PM1, PM2.5, PM10
  • MCERTS certified for PM2.5 and PM10
  • Up to two-hours operation in the event of external power loss
  • Detects up to four gaseous pollutant including CO, H2S, NO, NO2, O3, SO2, VOCs or CO2
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The Praxis/Urban Air Quality Monitor

Cirrus Research has partnered with South Coast Science, experts in air quality monitoring, to offer you the best out‐ of‐the‐box solution for urban air quality monitoring.

The Praxis/Urban answers both the challenge of capturing accurate data in variable climate conditions and the need for fine‐grained air quality monitoring networks. The Praxis/Urban is ideal for gas and particulate monitoring for roadside monitoring, environmental health and local authority investigations. Integrate with the Quantum Cloud from Cirrus Research so you can view the air quality data you need 24/7, on any device, anywhere in the world.

24/7 Monitoring

Compatible with the Quantum Portal

Monitor fine dust, ultrafine particles and gaseous pollutants directly from your Quantum Portal



Alphasense analogue front-end (AFE) supporting up to four A4 electrochemical sensors. Additional NDIR CO2 via a separate interface. Other combinations on request

Particulate monitoring uses Alphasense OPC-N3 particle counter

Sensirion temperature and relative humidity sensor

TDK barometric pressure sensor

Ultra low-noise circuitry maximises repeatability of electrochemical sensing

Data correction refined through co-location with UK government reference equipment


Wired: ethernet via RJ45 connector

Wireless: 4G cellular modem

GPS receiver


AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 through BeagleBone Black

Real-time clock with battery backup. Time synchronisation is via GPS receiver, network time protocol or real-time clock, as available.

Data infrastructure

Sense data messaging, control messaging and data storage using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or customer’s own infrastructure

Local microSD data storage


DC power input from 7 to 12 V, rechargeable battery (approximately two hours operation)

Environmental range from -40 to +50 °C

Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 147mm

Weight: 4 Kg

Power consumption: ~4 W

Additional information

Weight 4.00 kg
Dimensions 25.0 × 20.0 × 14.7 cm

South Coast Science


Monitoring Duration


Praxis OPCube & Urban Air Quality Monitor


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