Optimus+ GPS Add-on for Sound Level Meters

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Geotag all your sound measurements with the Optimus+GPS add-on for sound level meter, designed to make accurately logging the locations of your environmental noise measurements easier.

  • Available as a bolt of for existing Optimus meters or available as a standalone kit
  • Automatically geotags every measurement that’s taken
  • Time to First Fix (TIFF) under 60 seconds
  • Easily view the location of every measurement a Google map format within Noise Tools software
  • Easily removed when not in use to extend the battery life of your meter
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Buy the GPS add-on for sound level meters to add to your existing Optimus+

We’ve designed the Optimus+ GPS add-on for our sound level meters to make logging the locations of your environmental noise measurements easier. Simply connect the module to the base of your Optimus+ Red or Green to see accurate geo-location data for every measurement you take.


How will Optimus+ GPS benefit your organisation?

Perfect for environmental noise assessments or outdoor occupational noise surveys, the benefit of precise GPS location data will help you understand noise levels in more detail than ever before. Not only does Optimus+ GPS provide accurate positioning data, but as all our users have come to expect, this instrument comes fully loaded with a host of features and functionality to provide the comprehensive solution to environmental and occupational noise measurement available on the market.

  • Enjoy the convenience of having access to all the functionality you need in one instrument, as Optimus+ GPS is a fully integrated GPS-enabled sound level meter
  • Rest assured that you will never miss a crucial piece of data, as Optimus+ GPS records and stores all noise parameters and location data simultaneously, at the press of a single button
  • Save time acquiring a signal in the field with an industry-leading time to first fix using GPS AssistNow data
  • Make better-informed decisions with detailed analysis and reporting in our licence-free software, NoiseTools, supplied as standard


Time to First Fix

Our GPS Module has an industry-leading Time to First Fix (TTFF). NoiseTools automatically downloads GPS AssistNow data to instruments configured to use the GPS Module this helps reduce the TIFF from up to 5 minutes to under 60 seconds.


View all of your data in NoiseTools

As well as being able to see the geotagged data for every measurement on the screen of your Optimus+ GPS enabled sound level meter, you can also view the location data in NoiseTools:

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
  • Accuracy
  • DOP


In addition, you can use the View Map button in NoiseTools to view your data on a map or Google Earth image and add these to your assessment reports.

Add on GPS Module that integrates directly with Optimus+ Red and Optimus+ Green sound level meters.

    • IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1 & Class 2
    • Simultaneous measurement and data logging of all available parameters
    • GPS location data stored alongside every measurement that’s taken
    • Real-time 1:1 & 1:3* octave band filters
    • NR & NC values and curves on screen
    • Tonal noise analysis*
    • Up to 28 statistical Ln % values
    • Single 120dB measurement range
    • Acoustic Fingerprint™ audio triggering, recording and alerts during measurements for replay and analysis*


  • VoiceTag™ audio note recording and AuditStore™ measurement verification
  • Repeating measurements with manual or automatic control*
  • Pause and back-erase functions
  • High-resolution colour display and back-lit keypad for nighttime measurements
  • 4GB memory capable of storing over 10,000 measurements (expandable up to 32GB)
  • Measure up to 170dB with the optional MV:200EH microphone system
  • Bluetooth® connectivity, compatible with Android and iOS devices


* Some features are only available on the Optimus+ Green GPS. Please check with your sales representative to ensure you get the right functionality for your needs.

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Optimus+ GPS Module

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