Portable Printer for Sound Level Meters

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Portable printer for sound level meters. The PR:310 is a portable thermal printer ideal for use with the CR:310 sound level meter from Cirrus Research.

  • High printing speed (60 lines per second at 203 dpi)
  • Auto Sleep, Auto Wakeup, Low voltage alarm and other functions
  • Power supply: rechargeable batteries (user option : power adapter)
  • Complete character set library, GBK character library
  • Standard serial interface, USB and Bluetooth interface
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Portable Printer for Sound Level Meters

This portable printer for use with CR:310 sound level meters.  This portable micro thermal printer is ideal for use to print our your sound level readings.

This handheld meter can give you quick print outs when the need arises. It’s commonly used for the following applications:

  • Quick sound level meter readings
  • Proof of noise levels by the police and other authorities

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