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Print Vehicle Noise Measurements from your Optimus+

Print Vehicle Noise Measurements from your Optimus+

Traditionally, vehicle noise measurements aren’t stored on the Optimus+ instruments which means that users have, in the past, been unable to view their data in NoiseTools at a later date.

This additional feature allows users to perform a vehicle noise test and print their results immediately from the menu on their device.

What equipment is required?

To perform a vehicle noise test and print results, the following equipment is required:

  • Any Optimus+ sound level meter (with at least V.5.6.3177 firmware)
  • PR:311 printer
  • ZL:173 printer cable
  • ZL:151 vehicle noise button


Our sales team will be able to advise you to ensure you have all the correct equipment required to carry out and print your vehicle noise measurements.

How to print vehicle noise data

Before being able to print your data, you will need to configure your Optimus+ sound level meter. You can find details of how to do this in our updated technical specification for this new feature.

Once your device has been configured to print you’re all set to take vehicle noise measurements and print your data for use at a later date. The updated technical specification also tells you how to set up your device and take measurements.


  • All previous vehicle noise measurements are cleared when users switch back from the menu view to vehicle noise view ready for a new measurement.
  • Vehicle noise measurements are not stored within the optimus, so it’s recommended that you print them immediately after performing a test.
  • The vehicle noise is only printed if the menu was entered from the vehicle noise page, otherwise a standard noise report will be printed for the last measurement performed.


Speak to one of our noise experts today to start printing your vehicle noise measurement data!

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