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Noise Dosimeters

The Original doseBadge noise dosimeter is a wireless personal sound exposure meter for performing occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements of personal noise exposure.

  • The original wireless personal dose meter
  • IEC 61252 and ANSI S1.25 Personal Sound Exposure Meter Standards
  • Dual channel instrument
  • LAeq, LCpeak and exposure value parameters
  • Tough, robust metal case perfect for working environments
  • Free NoiseTools software for analysis and reporting
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The Original doseBadge

Everything you need for occupational noise and industrial hygiene measurements

The doseBadge noise dosimeter system is the perfect solution for measuring a worker’s noise dose exposure. The badge is small and light, with no cable or controls and mounts comfortably on the worker’s shoulder. The dosimeter is then left on the worker, storing details about the noise levels throughout the day.

The doseBadge has no controls or display and all control is over the infra-red link to the Reader.  The doseBadge case is a lightweight alloy, giving added strength to the already strong cone shape.

The Original doseBadge noise dosimeter is a dual-channel instrument that will measure, store, and calculate the parameters essential for compliance with occupational noise regulations.

These include LAeq, LCPeak & LEP,d and % Dose, LAVG & TWA. Along with these overall values, the Original doseBadge will store a Time History, or Noise Profile, throughout the measurement, for both channels.

The Original doseBadge survives in the harshest environments

The Original doseBadge has been designed to survive in the toughest and harshest environments. There are no cables, controls or displays to damage, and the microphone, battery and electronics are all housed in a robust and lightweight metal case which is strong enough to withstand being dropped, knocked or even stood on.

Applications for the Original doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

Due to its unique and robust design, the doseBadge is used across a wide range of applications where there is a need to assess workers’ noise exposure, such as:

The measurement and control of occupational noise exposure
Compliance with Noise at Work Regulations, Industrial Hygiene Standards and Occupational Noise Exposure Guidelines.
Monitoring and recording term noise exposure
We Recommend

Personal Noise Monitoring

Watch the product video to find out how the Original doseBadge makes monitoring personal noise exposure easier than ever

Simple to use

Using the Original doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

Each Complete Kit is supplied with a Reader unit. One Reader can be used to control as many doseBadges as you need.

The Reader is used to carry out the following functions:

Reset and Calibrate the doseBadge
Start the doseBadge running (after fitting it to the worker's shoulder)
Stop the doseBadge at the end of the day
Read and Display the noise measurement results
Download to computer

The Reader has a built in Calibrator, operating at 1 kHz, 114 dB.

To calibrate the dosimeter, simply push it into the calibration cavity and press the Cal button on the Reader. The calibration process is automatic and the results are recorded, along with any automatic adjustments that are made.

The Reader unit can also be used to configure the doseBadge settings. The doseBadge can be configured to meet the ISO Q=3 (for European regulations) and OSHA Q=5 (for the American standards).

The Exchange Rate, Criterion Level, Criterion Time, Threshold and Slow Time Weighting can be set individually in order to meet other standards such as those published by MSHA, AICHE and ACGIH. See the Noise Regulations page for more information.

As the doseBadge has Dual Channels, it can have Channel 1 set to OSHA, MSHA, AICHE, ACGIH or similar, with Channel 2 fixed to measure with the common ISO 3dB settings.

Applicable Standards

IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters

ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosimeters Class Designation 2AS-90/80-5

RC:110A: Internal Acoustic Calibrator to IEC 60942:2003 Class 2

Measurement Range (Typical)

70dB(A) to 130dB(A) RMS, 120dB(C) to 140dB(C) Peak

Measurement Functions

Overall Measurement Data

doseBadge Configuration (Serial Number, Date & Time)

Calibration Record

Measurement Duration

Highest Peak(C) Sound Level during the measurement

Overload Exceedence

115dB(A) Maximum Sound Level Exceedence

Battery Status

1 Minute Time History of:

LAeq (3dB) or LAVG (4dB or 5dB), Peak(C) Sound Pressure & Battery Level

For 3dB Exchange Rate:

LAeq, LEX,8h, LAE, % Dose, Exposure (Pa2h), Estimated % Dose,

Estimated Exposure (Pa2h)

For 4dB & 5dB Exchange Rates:

LAVG, TWA, % Dose, Estimated % Dose

Frequency Weightings

‘A’ for all RMS measurements

‘C’ for Peak Sound Pressure

Configuration Options

Channel 1: Independent User Configuration of:

Exchange Rate: 3dB, 4dB or 5dB

Criterion Level: 80dB, 85dB, 90dB

Criterion Time: 8hrs, 12hrs, 16hrs, 18hrs

Threshold: None, 80dB, 90dB

Time Weighting: None, ‘S’ (Slow)


CR:110A doseBadge

The CR:110A doseBadge can store up to 24 hours of data in a single measurement

RC:110A Reader

Up to 999 Individual doseBadge Measurements


RC:110A doseBadge

Internal NiMH Battery. Typical Battery Life 24 hours @ 80dB

RC:110A Reader

2 x AA/LR6 with Auto Power Switch Off

CU Series Chargers

CU:195A Mains Power Supply. Fast Charge Option


CR:110A doseBadge

Wireless Infrared to RC:110A Reader Unit

RC:110A Reader

USB 2.0 (which also provides power to the RC:110A Reader)


CR:110A doseBadge

Microphone Apex dia 13.0mm, Base 47mm dia, Height 38mm


CR:110A doseBadge 51g (1.8oz)

RC:110A Reader 400g (14oz)



Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 4.7 × 3.8 cm

Workplace Noise Monitoring

Hardware Features

Communication Interfaces


Power Supply Options

Average Operating Time

Sound Measurement Features

Applicable Standards

Total Measurement Range


Frequency Weightings


Time Weightings

Data Logging

Minimum Data Logging Interval






Cirrus Research

Monitoring Duration


Original doseBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter & Reader Unit

User Manual

Original doseBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter


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