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Introducing the all-new CR:308/310 and Optimus+ sound level meters

Introducing the all-new CR:308/310 and Optimus+ sound level meters

We’re really excited to announce the arrival of two new sound level meters, which are sure to enhance the Cirrus family of instruments: the CR:308/310 and the Optimus+.

Both of these products have been designed with ease-of-use as their heart, making your job of monitoring and measuring noise levels easier than ever before. With a range of new features, these new sound level meters will provide you with all the noise data you need in an easy-to-understand format, ensuring that you’re able to take the necessary steps in order to protect people from the dangers of excessive noise exposure either in the workplace or out in the environment.

The CR:308 & CR:310

These entry-level sound meters are absolutely perfect for those who only need to capture basic noise data. The CR:308 has the ability to set a threshold limit, which will activate a visual alert when your preset value is exceeded, and the CR:310 has the ability to start/stop a measurement, as well as the option to print results directly from the sound level meter.

These instruments are perfect for:

  • Simple noise testing
  • Machine and factory noise measuring
  • Noise ordinance surveying
  • Fire alarm testing


You can find more information on the CR:308 and CR:310 sound level meters here.

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The Optimus+

The newest addition to our iconic range of sound level meters, the Optimus+ combines everything that made our original instruments a success, with a range of advanced new features that will provide you with a truly 21st Century way of measuring and monitoring noise. The Optimus+ comes complete with Bluetooth technology, allowing it to connect to any compatible mobile device. When paired with a smartphone, the device can be used remotely with the ability to start/stop measurements and view live data through the mobile application. The Optimus+ can also be used to measure vehicle noise with the help of a dedicated function on the device. The Optimus+ is the first Cirrus sound level meter to be able to measure noise at a tenth of a second intervals, which make it perfect for monitoring wind farm noise. It also features an updated design; by adding a central button to the keypad, the Optimus+ feels more natural and easier to use.

This instrument is perfect for:

  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Wind farm noise monitoring
  • Health and safety consultants


All Optimus+ instruments are available in Cirrus’ Yellow, Red and Green variants. To find out more information, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today, or visit cirrusresearch.com/products/c/sound-level-meters/.

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Both of these instruments will contribute to Cirrus’ legacy as being one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of noise measurement equipment and are certain to make noise monitoring more accessible for those who are new to it, and more simple for those seasoned professionals.

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Jaymee-lee Tolliday
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