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Alan Dudley Wallis (1935 2022)

Alan Dudley Wallis (1935 – 2022)

Cirrus Research Ltd was founded in 1970 to specialise in the design and manufacture of different types of acoustic measuring instruments. The pioneering work that Dudley and his team started set the global standard for acoustic technology that others could only follow, and has led to Cirrus Research being amongst the world leaders in the design and manufacture of acoustic measurement instruments for prevention and eradication of noise-induced hearing loss and environmental noise pollution.

His pioneering work has included developing sound level meters that included noise exposure times – a revolutionary idea at the time, using integrated circuitry in place of transistors and developing the world’s first Leq or equivalent continuous sound level meter for both hearing damage and environmental measurements, something everyone in the business takes for granted these days.

In 1982, Dudley Wallis was seconded to the International Standards body (IEC) and he, with three other British engineers, were responsible for much of the IEC’s noise measurement standard IEC 61672 used today.

In 1991, under Dudley’s steer, Cirrus Research was awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement, with their noise measurement equipment exported to over 50 countries worldwide. After winning this, Cirrus introduced the world’s first twin-channel data logging dosimeter, and in 1995 launched its revolutionary doseBadge Noise Dosimeter. This was the world’s first truly wireless noise dosimeter – a product with a completely new design for a personal noise measurement, different from anything that had come before or after.

Dudley retired from day-to-day involvement with Cirrus Research in 1996. He is survived by his wife of some 46 years, Lynda, two daughters and three sons, one of which is Daren, CEO of Cirrus Research since 2003, and several grandchildren.

Perhaps the best way to sum up Dudley comes from his self-penned book, ‘The Cirrus ‘Group – How we started – a short history’, where he writes:

“Did my 70-year old childish dreams work out? They most certainly did, far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Very few people are lucky enough to end their career having achieved everything they ever wanted to do as I have. I am far from being a brilliant designer, but I have been seriously lucky and have had wonderful co-workers, most of whom became friends, so I hope the company continues on a similar path – but I shall never know!”

“How has it been done? Basically simply by having wonderful friends and associates who joined in with the concept of “doing it differently”. Any fool can follow the herd and produce “me too” instruments where price alone becomes the selling point. Most people have no choice here as they do not have the imagination to do anything else. I hope that we continue along the path of “being different” and keep innovating. Some ideas will fail, but if just one in three is a success you will continue.

Staying small and independent means you are masters of your own destiny and will stand or fall by your own actions; all you lose are the bragging rights that “We are the biggest!”

Dudley will be deeply missed by family, friends and staff of Cirrus Research.

Jaymee-lee Tolliday
Jaymee-lee Tolliday
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Jaymee-Lee is the Marketing Coordinator at Cirrus Research plc, from managing our English social media platforms and email campaigns to crafting compelling content, she is behind all marketing initiatives across our global markets.

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