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UKAS and Standard Calibration from Cirrus Research

At Cirrus Research, we’ve been calibrating and servicing noise and vibration measurement instrumentation for more than 50 years. This history and experience allows our team to offer you, our customers, a truly unique service, no matter what equipment or calibration requirements you may have.

What is instrument calibration?

Factory calibration is the process of assessing, testing and correcting the accuracy of scientific measurement instruments. It’s carried out in specialist laboratories with highly advanced technology.

At Cirrus Research, we offer both UKAS-accredited and traceable calibration, testing every single component of your instrument both acoustically and electronically. We ensure that every parameter is verified against international standards to assure you that your meters remain compliant with legislation and best practice.

What happens to your instrument during calibration?

When you send your instrument to us for calibration, we:

  • Book it into our system for testing
  • Test every single component of your instrument both acoustically and electronically
  • Replace any batteries that are old
  • Make sure it’s running the latest versions of our software
  • Carry out minor repairs (we’ll contact you if anything significant is found in case it delays getting it back to you)
  • Issue a new calibration certificate
  • Give it a final clean and polish and package it carefully and send it back to you


Why choose Cirrus Research for your calibration service?

  • We calibrate noise measurement instruments from any manufacturer
  • We provide a three-working-day turnaround from arrival at Cirrus Research
  • No hidden costs with our fixed prices
  • Choose between standard traceable and UKAS-accredited calibration
  • Convenient instrument collection and return service
  • Calibration certificates are issued every time
  • Extend your Cirrus Research warranty up to 15-years (for Cirrus Research instruments only)
  • Specially-equipped and purpose-built acoustic calibration laboratory accredited by UKAS meets the ISO 17025 standard

UKAS-accredited calibration

We are a UKAS-accredited acoustic calibration laboratory (no. 10148), capable of calibrating sound level meters, acoustic calibrators and octave band filters to the highest possible standards.

UKAS-accredited calibration provides you with additional reassurance that your instruments are accurate, reliable and in full working order. All calibration work carried out in our dedicated UKAS laboratory is traceable to an internationally recognised metrological institute, meaning that should your data ever be required for litigation, it will stand up to scrutiny.

You can view our UKAS scope here.

Learn more about our five-star-rated acoustic calibration service here.

Speak to our calibration team by calling +44 (0)1723 891655 or by emailing [email protected].

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Jaymee-lee Tolliday
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