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The Class+ Microphones are a range of high performance ½” Pre-polarised Electret condenser capsules designed for use on Sound Level Meters and Noise Measurement Equipment.

All of the Class+ capsules are based on the same technology, with all of the capsules being mechanically compatible.

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Class 1 Microphone. Meets IEC 61672-1:2013

Class 2 Microphone. Meets IEC 61672-1:2013

High Level Microphone & Preamplifier

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Measurement Microphone Capsules

At the top of the range, the MK:224 measurement microphone capsule is fitted to several leading brands of Sound Level Meters as well as PC based instruments and Noise Monitoring Systems. In many applications, the use of the most accurate microphone capsule is excessive, and a lower specification can be accepted. In these situations, the Class+ measurement microphone capsules are ideal replacements for existing units at significantly lower cost, often less than 50% of competing units in OEM applications.

The MK:224 is the most accurate and stable of the Class+ Measurement Microphone capsules and is used on the Cirrus Research plc Class 1 Sound Level Meters, Noise Analysers and Noise Monitoring Systems. The excellent long term stability and temperature stability allow the capsule to be used in long term outdoor monitoring applications, and has been in use in Cirrus Research plc Airport Noise Monitoring systems over periods of many years.

The MK:216 is the Class 2 variant of the MK:224 and is fitted as standard to the Class 2 Optimus Sound Level Meters.

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