doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Noise Dosimeters

The advanced doseBadgepersonal noise dosimeter offers an enhanced analysis of noise levels and noise frequencies for the ultimate protection against noise in the workplace. Ideal for noise-at-work assessments, industrial hygiene and for protecting workers from excessive noise.

  • Complies with IEC and ANSI Personal Sound Exposure Meter Standards
  • LAeq, LCpeak and exposure parameters
  • 1:1 Octave noise filter measurement for hearing protection calculations
  • Four integrator channels allow you to meet any occupational noise measurement standard or regulation worldwide
  • Associated dBLink app for wireless Bluetooth operation, configuration, and data review
  • Scheduled measurement timers that reduce the potential for user error
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The doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Simple, effective & compliant noise exposure measurements

The Advanced doseBadge5 is a high-performance wireless noise dosimeter that allows you to make compliant occupational noise exposure measurements, put into place effective control measures, and ensure that workers are not exposed to noise levels that will put their hearing at risk.

It’s simple to use and allows you to gather robust, reliable information for use in the assessment of occupational noise exposure. There are no cables, controls, or displays on the individual badges so they remain tamper-proof.

In addition to the four independent channels or integrators (which you can configure to meet any combination of Regulations, Standards or Guidelines worldwide), the doseBadge5 also provides real-time octave band analysis over the entire measurement and when combined with our license-free NoiseTools software, allows individual noise sources to be identified, making the selection of hearing protection, quicker, simpler and more effective.

Real-time octave band analysis

Throughout a measurement, the doseBadge5 noise dosimeter will measure the noise levels in octave bands from 63Hz to 8kHz, giving you detailed information about the frequency content of the noise. This allows you to accurately detemine the levels of hearing protection needed based not only on noise levels (dB(A)), but also based on the dominant frequency of the noise. You can download this information into the NoiseTools software for analysis and to create compliant noise exposure reports. NoiseTools also includes a comprehensive list of hearing protectors and will recommend the best ones to you based on your measurements.

Time history

Not only does the doseBadge5 noise dosimeter give the overall data (unweighted Leq) for each octave band, it also logs and stores a time history (or noise profile) for each band throughout the entire measurement.

This feature allows you to identify specific noise sources within a measurement, mark and annotate them, and use the hearing defender selector within NoiseTools to choose the correct level of hearing protection.

In summary with the doseBadge5 noise dosimeter, you can:

Measure the frequency content of the measured noise exposure
Highlight sections of the measurement and assess hearing protection against known noise sources
Assess hearing protection against a number of different measurements using the Measurement Group functions in NoiseTools
Gather detailed insights into the noise exposures of workers and make effective, informed decisions based on accurate data
Use Time History, to highlight sections of the measurement and understand more about the exposure levels at particular times
Produce compliant occupational noise reports with ease

dBLink App

The free dBLink App supports the doseBadge⁵ Personal Noise Dosimeters and allows you to control and configure your measurements wirelessly. You can also view your measurement data live (e.g. mid-shift readings) and display all of your stored measurements.

We Recommend

Personal Noise Monitoring

Watch the product video to find out how the doseBadge5 makes monitoring personal noise exposure easier than ever



  • IEC 61252:1993 +AMD1:2000 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
  • IEC 61252 Ed 1.1 (2002-03) Personal Sound Exposure Meters
  • ANSI S1.25:1991 (R2017) Personal Noise Dosimeters
  • IEC 61260-1:2014 Class 2 (Octave Bands from 63Hz to 8kHz)
  • ANSI S1.11-2014 Class 2 (Octave Bands from 63Hz to 8kHz)


Measurement Range

  • RMS Range – 60 dB(A) to 140 dB(A)
  • Peak Range – 80 dB(C) to 143 dB(C)
  • Octave Bands – 70 dB(A) to 140 dB(A)


Measurement Functions

  • 4 Simultaneous Independent Integrator Channels
  • 2 Simultaneous Independent Peak Channels
  • 1:1 Octave Bands (63Hz to 8kHz)


Overall Measurement Parameters

  • Measurement duration, Start time & date, Instrument serial number & name
  • Calibration information (field & factory calibration), Overload & Tamper sensor detection


Overall Integrator Parameters

  • Average Integrated Sound Level (Leq/LAVG), Time Weighted Average (LEP,d/LEX,8/TWA)
  • Sound Exposure & Estimated Sound Exposure, % Dose & Estimated % Dose, ULT Duration
  • SPL Max Level & Time, SPL Min Level
  • Overall Peak Channel Parameters
  • Overall LPeak level for each channel (Up to 2 channels)
  • Overall Octave Band Parameters
  • Overall unweighted Leq for each octave band (63Hz to 8kHz)



  • Bluetooth® Wireless communication to the doseBadge5 dBControl
  • Bluetooth® Wireless communication to the dBLink App (Android & iOS)
  • USB download to NoiseTools via the doseBadge5 Dock


Integrator Channel Options

  • Channel name – Preset or user defined
  • Exchange rate – 3, 4 or 5 dB
  • Criterion Level – 80 dB to 100 dB in 1 dB steps
  • Criterion Time – 1 hr to 24 hrs in 1hr steps
  • Threshold Level – None, 70 dB to 100 dB n 1dB steps
  • Time Weighting – Fast, Slow or None
  • Frequency Weighting – A, C or Z
  • ULT Level – 70 dB to 140 dB in 1 dB stepsULT Time Weighting – None, Fast or Slow
  • ULT Freq. Weighting – A,C, or ZSPL Max Time Weighting – Fast or Slow
  • SPL Max Freq Weighting – A,C or Z
  • LED Threshold Trigger – User selectable channel with user selectable % Dose trigger levels (75% to 100% in 5% steps)


Peak Channel Options

  • Frequency weighting – A,C or Z (2 channels)



  • Automatic detection of external acoustic calibration
  • User configurable calibration level (typically 114dB or 94dB)


Data Logging

  • 1 second or 1-minute time history data (user selectable)



  • Up to 80 hours of Time History Data for each channel including 1:1 Octave Bands
  • Up to 40 individual measurements
  • Maximum duration of any single measurement: 24 hours


doseBadge5 Dimensions

  • 66 mm x 43 mm x 53 mm (excluding clips)
  • 2.53” x 1.69” x 2.01” (excluding clips)
  • 85 g/2.9 oz

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 6.6 × 4.3 × 5.3 cm

Workplace Noise Monitoring

Hardware Features

Communication Interfaces


Compatible Applications



Power Supply Options

Average Operating Time


Sound Measurement Features

Applicable Standards

Total Measurement Range


Frequency Weightings

, ,

Time Weightings


Data Logging

Minimum Data Logging Interval





1:1 Octave Bands


Cirrus Research

Monitoring Duration


The Advanced doseBadge5

User Manual

The Advanced doseBadge5

Datasheet (English)

The Advanced doseBadge5

Datasheet (Chinese)

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