Acoustic Calibrator

Acoustic Calibrators

Field calibrate your sound level meter, noise dosimeter or other noise measurement equipment with our acoustic calibrator:

  • IEC 60942: 2017 Class 1 or Class 2 performance
  • PTB, LNE & CEM Type Approval available
  • 94dB sound pressure level output at 1kHz sound pressure level
  • Suitable for use with standard 1/2″ microphone capsules
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Meets IEC 60942: 2017

Meets IEC 60942: 2017

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The Acoustic Calibrator

Class 1 and Class 2 Calibrators with Type Approvals

Our acoustic calibrator (sound calibrator) is suitable for the field and laboratory calibration of sound level meters, noise dosimeters, and other noise measurement instruments.

The unit is simple to operate and meets the requirements of the latest IEC 60942:2017 standard for acoustic calibrators with performance to Class 1 or Class 2.

Pattern Approval

The CR515 Class 1 Calibrator has PTB, LNE and CEM Pattern Approval.

The CR514 Class 2 Calibrator has PTB Pattern Approval.

Pattern Approval is a method where a test laboratory such as the Centro Español de Metrología (CEM) tests an instrument against a set of standard tests to ensure that it meets the performance claims of the manufacturer. Find out more here.

Applicable standards

CR:514 IEC 60942:2017 Class 2
CR:515 IEC 60942:2017 Class 1
Type approval
PTB Type Approval to DIN EN 60942:2017 Class 1
Reference No.: PTB-1.61.4028829

LNE Type Approval to DIN EN 60942:2017 Class 1
Reference No.: LNE-24906

CEM Type Approval to DIN EN 60942:2017 Class 1
Reference No.: CEM 140786001
Sound pressure level (re 20uPa)
94dB +/- 0.2dB
1kHz +/- 1%

Reference conditions
23oC, 101.3kPa, 65% RH
Microphone size
1/2″ (to IEC 1094-4)
Calibration adaptor
QD:7 for use with 1/4″ microphone capsules
Battery type
1 x 9v (PP3, 6LR61, 6F22)
138mm x 47mm diameter
220 gms with battery
Push button start. Automatic switch off with green LED indication. User override of automatic switch off
CE classification
EMC : EN50081-1, EN 50082-1
Safety EN 61010-1, 1993 portable equipment category 2

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 13.8 × 4.7 × 4.7 cm


Cirrus Research


CR308/CR310, Optimus Green, Optimus Red, Optimus Yellow

CR514 & CR515 Acoustic Calibrators

User Manual

CR514 & CR515 Acoustic Calibrators


CR514 Acoustic Calibrator

PTB Certificate

CR515 Acoustic Calibrator

PTB Certificate

CR515 Acoustic Calibrator

LNE Certificate

CR515 Acoustic Calibrator

CEM Certificate

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