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Noise measurement and tree surgery: what products can tree surgeons use to help protect against noise?

Noise measurement and tree surgery: what products can tree surgeons use to help protect against noise?

In a previous article, we introduced noise measurement and tree surgery by discussing the risks faced by tree surgeons and arborists by noise on a daily basis as part of their work. We explored the noise levels of chainsaws and what they mean in terms of how long someone can use one without protection before their hearing is damaged, as well as the other health risks associated with exposure to excessive noise levels. Understanding the importance of protecting people against noise is an important first step. The next thing to know is what equipment is available to measure and monitor noise levels, which allows for the correct protection to be implemented and provided.

Thankfully, Cirrus Research specialises in noise measurement equipment and has the perfect solution for noise monitoring for tree surgeons and arborists.

Noise measurement and tree surgery

It’s important to measure the noise levels that tree surgeons actually experience during the course of their day, rather than just turning on a chainsaw and measuring how loud it is at ground level, so having equipment that can be where the noise is, is essential. For this to be possible, you need a small, lightweight yet durable instrument that can be worn for the duration of shift, while still providing all the data you need to effectively control noise levels and protect people’s hearing, health and well-being.

You need a noise dosimeter, sometimes referred to as a personal noise exposure meter.

Meet the doseBadge range of noise dosimeters – perfect for noise measurement in the tree surgery industry

The doseBadge noise dosimeters from Cirrus Research are the perfect solution for noise measurement in the tree surgery industry. They’re small, lightweight and incredibly robust, meaning they can be worn for the duration of a working day without fear of being damaged or destroyed. The doseBadge is available in two specific variants: the Original and the Advanced.

The Original doseBadge

As the name suggests, the Original doseBadge is the original wireless noise dosimeter that revolutionised the way personal noise exposure is measured and monitored.

The Original doseBadge is the perfect instrument for noise measurement in the tree surgery industry

It’s totally wireless, making it safe to be worn around heavy machinery and dangerous tools and it’s strong and robust, meaning there’s no danger to the unit should it be dropped.

  • Measures and stores essential noise at work data, so you can be sure you’re getting all the information you need to make better-informed decisions
  • Incredibly easy to set up and use, meaning you don’t have to waste valuable time getting to grips with complex equipment
  • Compact and durable design weighing only 51g/1.8oz, so it can be worn comfortably for the duration of a tree surgeon’s shift
  • Robust metal case prevents damage and repair/servicing costs
  • No external controls, cables or displays to reduce the risk of damage and data tampering
  • Licence-free noise data analysis and reporting software included as standard, so you can make sense of your noise data quickly and easily
  • 90-minute (typical) charge time with 24-hour (typical) battery life, so you can be sure that your instruments will always be ready for deployment


Find out more about the Original doseBadge.

The Advanced doseBadge

The Advanced doseBadge, or the doseBadge5, is an updated version of the Original model, packed with all the functionality of its predecessor, with a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

The Advanced doseBadge5 comes with all the features of the Original variant plus additional functionality, including Bluetooth and start/stop timers

  • Octave band filters to provide more in-depth data on the noise levels, which can be used to pick the most appropriate and effective hearing protection for people, avoiding over- and under-protection
  • Bluetooth® connectivity to allow each device to be connected to a compatible smartphone through our dedicated mobile app, meaning live data can be viewed remotely from up to 10 metres away
  • Customisable start/stop timers, reducing the amount of user interaction required before and after shifts. Wearers simply pick up the device, put it on and it will start measuring when you want it to
  • Available with doseBadge remote control unit, allowing each instrument to be operated remotely from up to 10 metres away through Bluetooth connection


Find out more about the Advanced doseBadge5.

Why choose to purchase noise measurement instruments from Cirrus Research?

  • Industry-leading worry-free 15-year warranty, to safeguard your investment
  • Licence-free data analysis software, NoiseTools, included as standard, to help you better understand noise
  • UKAS-accredited instrument calibration laboratory, for your peace of mind
  • 50 years’ of technical expertise and excellence, so you can have confidence in us and our instruments
  • Unrivalled in-house technical support, so you always have access to the answers you need
  • Expertly-designed noise and vibration measurement solutions, to help you protect people and the environment
  • Flexible options for instrument purchase and rental as well as custom-built solutions, because we understand that your needs are unique


For any further information on our range of doseBadge noise dosimeters and to learn how else Cirrus Research can help you monitor and measure noise in the tree surgery industry, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly UK-based team.

You can find out more about noise measurement and tree surgery from the Health & Safety Executive, here.

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