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Get in the know about noise with Cirrus Research

Get in the know about noise with Cirrus Research

Cirrus Research is known for pioneering innovative solutions that have made monitoring and measuring noise and vibration easier and more accessible than ever before. Now, to make sure our customers get even more value out of their noise measurement equipment, we’re offering a range of training courses online through our dedicated Noise Academy website.

Every e-learning course, webinar and video has been specifically created to aid people in their work. We’ve designed them for Health & Safety professionals responsible for protecting their staff from the hazards of occupational noise and vibration in the workplace, as well as for Environmental Managers and Noise Consultants who need to know more about the impacts of noise on our wider environment.

Noise at Work Awareness

One of our most popular courses is our Noise at Work Awareness Course; this course will give you a background in measuring sound and why it is of concern. It also covers the general health, workplace safety and risks posed by noise to people’s hearing, and we also take a look at the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) for both employers and employees. With information on both the theoretical and practical side of noise measurement and control, including useful tips on taking measurements and analysing results, this course prepares you with everything you need to know for a successful Noise at Work Assessment. It even includes information on how you can use your results to implement suitable control measures and prescribe suitable hearing PPE to prevent potential harm to your employees.

Product Confidence

If you already own one of our meters and need a refresher course on how to use them or are new to noise measurement, then you can try one of our product training courses covering our range of noise dosimeters, our Optimus+ sound level meters and our Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder. In addition, there are links to many free-to-view videos on the NoiseTools software so you can truly get the best out of our reporting program.

Flexible learning at your pace

Our training courses are flexible, which means you can complete them in your own time whenever it’s convenient for you. Whether you need a basic introduction to noise, a refresher on regulations, or in-depth training on your equipment and software, we have a course designed for you.

Find out more and start your training today at noiseacademy.cirrusresearch.com.

Jaymee-lee Tolliday
Jaymee-lee Tolliday
Marketing Coordinator

Jaymee-Lee is the Marketing Coordinator at Cirrus Research plc, from managing our English social media platforms and email campaigns to crafting compelling content, she is behind all marketing initiatives across our global markets.

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