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Environmental noise monitoring, anytime, any place and anywhere

Environmental noise monitoring, anytime, any place and anywhere

Cirrus Research is excited to announce the launch of their latest cloud-based noise monitoring system, Quantum Outdoor. Quantum Outdoor is a single solution for the remote monitoring of noise 24/7; it uses powerful cloud technology to give users control over their environmental noise impacts at their desktops.

Quantum Outdoor can be easily installed around the boundary of your premises or in remote locations, and multiple devices can be synced up to the cloud together. Once installed, they will start gathering noise data and other environmental information in real-time. The cloud connectivity instantly makes noise and other environmental data available to view,  analyse and report on from your desktop or tablet.

“Our live data and audio capture allow you to visualise and understand your noise impacts, so you can make the best noise management decisions, ultimately reduce your environmental impact and protect your business from noise complaints”, said Daren Wallis, CEO of Cirrus Research.  “The systems run with the MyCirrus cloud platform; we’ve developed uniquely flexible cloud subscription packages, there are no fixed fees and no set up charges, and you can manage your subscription yourself, changing the package up and down as you need to.”

Other features include automated alerts if the decibel exceeds a user-specified level, so you can always stay in control and take corrective action when needed. “Charting the locations of your Quantum devices and adding them to floor plans and maps, and triggering automated alerts if noise levels get too high, are just some of the many features unique to Quantum Outdoor” Daren continues.

Quantum Outdoor noise monitors can be installed in any location, for any industry

Quantum Outdoor offers a host of connection options, including ethernet, WiFi and 4G, with 3G fallback

When paired with Quantum Indoor, users will enjoy the complete picture of their noise impacts

There are other solutions on the market that offer cloud-based functionality on a modular basis, which can become expensive to subscribe to. Quantum Outdoor is different: “We have customers come to us who just want a simple solution they can install and leave running, and we have customers that have more complex requirements; this system does both. It’s as simple or as complex as you want to make it”, says Craig Storey, Business Development Manager.

With Quantum Outdoor there’s no need to install any software. Users just log in to our powerful Quantum cloud interface anywhere, anytime and on any device to get updates remotely at their convenience.  It is well-suited for monitoring environmental noise across many applications from construction and demolition, to outdoor sporting and music events. “ said Craig.

Cirrus Research has been providing innovative, accurate and reliable acoustic solutions for over 51 years. “We are most proud of the fact that the majority of the work developing this new product and the associated Cloud-Monitoring System has been completed with staff working remotely during the Covid pandemic. This outstanding noise monitoring solution is the fruition of several man years of work by our skilled and diligent R&D team directly in response to our customers’ needs” says Martin Williams, Cirrus Research’s Engineering Director.

Quantum Outdoor can even carry out self-system checks for data accuracy and also comes with a comprehensive suite of online tools and inbuilt reports. Additional modules for weather and wind speed can be added too.

Key features of the Quantum Outdoor include:

  • A simple to use and secure cloud-connected autonomous system
  • Complete view of noise impacts, anywhere, anytime
  • Audio capture so you can identify the source/type of unwanted noise
  • 1:1 and 1:3 data enabling a deep analysis of noise and in-built reports provide a clear insight into captured data
  • Notifications can be sent by email, SMS and webhook to alert users of noise events, allowing corrective action to be taken in real time.
  • Customisable data points so you can capture and display the data you need.
  • Cloud-based so no need to download any software onto computers, works on all major browsers.
  • The devices are able to carry out self-system checks for data accuracy and can be powered by Power Over Ethernet or mains electricity.


To find out more about Quantum, please visit https://cirrusresearch.com/quantum-monitoring/.

Contact us directly, email: [email protected] or phone: 01723 891655

Jaymee-lee Tolliday
Jaymee-lee Tolliday
Marketing Coordinator

Jaymee-Lee is the Marketing Coordinator at Cirrus Research plc, from managing our English social media platforms and email campaigns to crafting compelling content, she is behind all marketing initiatives across our global markets.

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