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We offer a range of microphone preamplifiers which are suitable with both Class 1 and Class 2 microphone capsules.

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Microphone Preamplifiers

MV:220A 1/2” Prepolarised Microphone Preamplifier

The MV:220A 1/2-inch Preamplifier is a general purpose preamplifier suitable for use with prepolarised measurement microphone capsules.

It is a small unit with a slimline profile and is powered via the coaxial BNC-type connector. Power is from a suitable constant-current source of typically 4mA with a power supply excitation voltage of between 15v and 24v DC.

The frequency response (-3dB points) of the MV:220A are 2.6Hz to 150kHz.

The MV:220A can be used with the Cirrus Research Class+ Microphone Capsules including:

  • MK:224 Class 1 Microphone Capsule
  • MK:216 Class 2 Microphone Capsule

Please note that this information is in relation to the MV:220A 1/2” Prepolarised Microphone Preamplifier

Frequency Response

0.1dB at 16Hz and 20kHz

3dB at 2.6Hz and 150kHz

Input Impedance

1200 MΩ

Output Impedance

50 Ohms


14.8dB (5.5x) with 18pF Microphone Capsule

Noise Floor

A-weighted: < 45dB Dimensions

Length: 98mm

Diameter: Ø13mm

Power Supply

Excitation Voltage: 17 to 25 VDC

Constant Current Excitation: 4mA

Output bias voltage: 10VDC

Polarisation Voltage


Output Voltage

Maximum output signal voltage: 1V RMS (2.82V Pk-Pk)

Maximum signal input (with 40mV/Pa mic.capsule): 140dB

Maximum Cable Length

100 meters

Connection Input: 1/2” Microphone 60 UNS

Output: Coaxial BNC

Startup stabilisation time

15 seconds


Operation: -10oCto +50oC

Storage: -20oC to +60oC

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MV220A Preamplifier


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