Handheld Thermal Printer for Optimus+ Sound Level Meters

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Handheld thermal printer for our Optimus+ sound level meters. The PR:311 is a portable thermal printer ideal for use with the Optimus+ range of sound level meters from Cirrus Research.

  • High printing speed (60mm/s at 384 dpi)
  • Auto Sleep, Idle, Low power status
  • Character set CP1252 and CP437 supplied as standard.
  • Standard serial interface
  • Handheld or various mounting options available
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SKU: PR311 + ZL173
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Handheld Thermal Printer for Optimus+ Sound Level Meters

The PR:311 offers you the latest in compact printing technology. This handheld portable printer is robust in nature and packed with features despite its small size. It includes a standard RS232 serial port for simple connectivity and it comes with a revolutionary single-handed easy paper-load system. The printer lasts one MONTH on standby and prints upto 100 metres between charges.

This handheld thermal printer is manufactured by Able and features:

  • Wearable, portable hands-free printing for accelerated productivity
  • Intelligent battery life for optimal efficiency – up to one month on standby and 100 metres of print between re-charges!
  • Unique Single-handed easy paper-load system. No other printer is easier!
  • Utilising high-performance print mechanisms for superb-quality text and graphics
  • Thermal printing requires no ink providing increased cost efficiency
  • Simple connectivity through an industry-standard RS232 Serial port


You can change between several different operational modes with a simple button press:

  • Sleep: reduces power consumption
  • Idle: ready to print
  • Low power: battery low, requires charging
  • Spooling: unable to print, out of paper, lid open or other


The printer is supplied with an RS232 cable, and an additional cable, ZL173, to connect to the Optimus+ range of sound level meters.

The Handheld Thermal Printer comes with:

  • PR:311: Serial RS-232 Printer including battery pack
  • 35mm diameter thermal paper roll
  • Universal input trickle charger (UK/Euro/USA/Aus). Input 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • RS232 data cable (output from printer)
  • ZL173 data cable (connects to RS232 to connect to Optimus+)
  • Primary battery cell cradle (holds 4 x AAA non-rechargeble cells)
  • Wall / Belt mounting bracket

Data Input

RS-232 Serial (RJ12 connector)

Wireless Data input


Print Method

Fixed head thermal mechanism

Print Speed

60mm/s (at 7.2V battery voltage); 50mm/s (typical)

Print Width


Dots Per Line (Graphics)


Paper Specification

Paper Roll Width: 57.0 +/- 0.5mm. Max Roll Diameter: 36mm (length: 14.5m – 16 meters)

Accepts paper rolls with or without a core. Paper Roll A05836TPRI

Print Width


Dots Per Line (Graphics)


Dot Spacing

8 dots/mm (vertical & horizontal)


Paper Out (Opto reflective) and Head Up (Mechanical)

Data Buffer

20 Kb



Baud Rate

Up to 57,600 (9600 Default)

Character Set

CP1252 and CP437 supplied as standard. Range of popular Code Pages available with up to 6 resident simultaneously (See note 1 of PDF download)

Number of Columns

12, 16, 21, 24, 42, 32 (Default) (See note 1 of PDF download)

Fonts (Dots)

7×24, 10×24 (Default) (See note 1 of PDF download)


47x92x108mm (HxWxL)


330g (Including batteries and full roll paper)

Power Supply Option

As standard the Ap1300 range is supplied with a shrink-wrapped re-chargeable battery pack (5 cell 6V NiMH), together with an adapter to allow the use of primary cells. Note that chargers and data or power cables need to be ordered separately (see below) or as part of a complete kit. Power supply options include:

  • BC1300: Universal i/p trickle charger
  • BC1300CLAHL: 12V/24V vehicle trickle charger



  • Ap1300BR01: Combined wall mounting bracket and belt clip
  • Ap1300D9: D9 to RJ12 data cable (with jack socket for alternative charging)
  • Ap1300BP01: Spare NiMH battery pack



Drivers available for Windows & Linux.

Temperature Range


Reliability – MCBF

108 print pulses or 50kms. >13 million print lines (Approx. 3,500 paper rolls)

Additional information

Weight 0.33 kg
Dimensions 10.8 × 9.2 × 4.7 cm

Optimus Green, Optimus Red, Optimus Yellow, Outdoor Kit, Safety Officers Kit, Vehicle Noise Kit