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The Revo Whole-Body Vibration Meter is a powerful meter that gives you all of the data you need to complete your vibration assessments while complying with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and ISO 2631.

  • Whole-Body Vibration measurements in accordance with ISO 2631
  • Automatic transducer sensitivity calibration with TEDS-compliant sensors
  • Gives Vector Sum A(8) for analysis and reporting of employees’ vibration exposure
  • Four independent measurement channels
  • FFT display for identification of dominant frequencies
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The Revo Whole-Body Vibration Meter

Whole-body vibration measurements made easy

The Revo provides a simple and convenient way to measure, analyse and assess vibration data in accordance with standards such as ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC.

Capable of measuring four channels simultaneously, the Revo Vibration Meter meets the requirements of ISO 8041:2005 and is ideal for assessing Whole Body Vibration Exposure and can help reduce the incidence of back pain, degenerative spinal injury, digestive problems, and other symptoms associated with over-exposure to vibration.

Whole Body vibration measurements in accordance with ISO 2631
Four independent measuring channels with IEPE inputs and TEDS support
3-channel integrated frequency analysis (FFT) for the detection of main frequencies
Stores up to 10,000 measurements and up to 1,000 FFT Measurements
Colour screen display of running and interval measurement values
USB interface for quick download of your data
Includes a free reporting package to analyse your data

Vibration exposure

The Revo whole-body vibration meter gives you the Vector Sum m/s2 (of the triaxial seated or standing vibration measurement consisting of X, Y and Z), and the m/s2 A(8) vibration exposure over your average over a working day.

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations introduced an:

Exposure action value (EAV) of 0.5 m/s2 A(8) this is the level that employers should introduce technical and organisational measures to reduce their employees exposure
Exposure limit value (ELV) of 1.15 m/s2 A(8) this is the maximum level that should not be exceeded.

Need to measure Hand-Arm Vibration too?

The Revo vibration meter is available as a Hand-Arm and Whole-Body vibration kit suitable to any industry where employees might be affected by vibration during their working day.

You can out more about Human Vibration measurement here.

Analyse Your Data

Revo Software

Import the data from your Revo Vibration Meter for the easy calculation of Daily Vibration Exposure A(8) for hand-arm and whole-body vibration.

Download SoftwareDownload USB Drivers
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Compliant reporting
Contains information required for ISO 2631 or ISO 5349
A(8) calculation
Automatically calculate A(8) values from imported data
Simple import
Easily import from your Revo Vibration Meter
Monitor exposure
Assign people and activities to your results

ISO 8041:2005 ISO 5349-1:2001 ISO 5349-2:2001

Human Vibration (Acceleration)
Interval RMS, vector sum, max. running RMS (MTVV), vibration dose value (VDV)

Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement
Running RMS, maximum RMS, vector sum, peak value, maximum peak value

Daily exposure A(8)
A(8) calculation for different activities and test persons via software

Frequency analysis (FFT)
125 lines for X/Y/Z, peak spectrum of acceleration 3 – 240 / 6 – 480 / 12 – 960 / 24 – 1920 Hz

Weighting Filters
Wb, Wc, Wd, Wh, Wj, Wk, Wm Unweighted: 6.3Hz – 1259 Hz (H/A) / 0.4Hz – 100 Hz (G/K)

Frequency Range
Acceleration: 0.1 – 2000 Hz / 1 – 1000 Hz
Velocity: 1 – 100 Hz / 2 – 1000 Hz / 10 – 1000 Hz
Displacement: 5 – 250 Hz

4 low-power IEPE inputs TEDS support (IEEE1451.4, Template 25)

Measurement Range
Acceleration: 800 m/s²
Velocity: 100 – 10000 mm/s
Displacement: 250 – 15000 μm

Linearity Range
> 75 dB for ± 6 % error

Noise Floor
< 0,003 m/s² Sensor Input
Low-power IEPE, sensitivity 0.8 – 120 mV/ms-²

Up to 10,000 measurements Up to 1,000 FFTs Each measurement stored with date, time and comments

Colour OLED

USB Interface
USB 2.0 via ZL:311 cable

3 x AAA Alkaline LR03 Typically 10-14 hours operation

Temperature: -20°C to 60 °C Humidity: Up to 95% RH Noncondensing

Dimensions (without connectors)
125 mm x 65 mm x 27 mm


Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 6.5 × 2.7 cm

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Monitoring Duration


Revo Vibration Meter

User Manual

Revo Vibration Meter


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