SoundSign Remote Display Unit

Noise-activated Warning Signs

Extend the range of your SoundSign Noise-activated Warning Signs by connecting remote display units.

  • Compatible with SoundSign Master units and other SoundSign Remote Display units
  • Uses LEDs to display a message when the noise level that you select during set up has been breached
  • This instrument is available in five distinct designs and multiple languages
  • Cover an area of up to 30m by daisy-chaining 3 SoundSign Remote Display units
SoundSign language
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SKU: CR202/1 | CR202/2 | CR202/3 | CR202/4
Tag: Noise-activated Warning Signs

The SoundSign Remote Display Unit

Protect your workspace and keep people alert to excessive noise levels

The SoundSign Remote Display unit from Cirrus Research is an easy-to-install warning sign which can be used with a SoundSign Master unit to provide extra visibility across a larger area.

This noise-activated warning sign uses LEDs to display a message when the SoundSign Master’s trigger level has been breached.

Multiple designs and languages

This instrument is available in four distinct designs and multiple languages.

Hearing Protection Must Be Worn
Warning High Noise Levels
Caution High Noise Levels
Shhh! Quiet Zone

We can also create a custom-designed warning sign with your logo on other information.


Noise-activated warning sign

Visual indication

High-intensity white LED with five standard designs

User-selectable brightness levels

Display delay time

None or 30 seconds

External power

2.1mm power jack to connect to SoundSign Master unit

Output connector

Control for remote display units via standard 2.1mm power jack


12″ diameter, 2″ depth


1.3lbs (0.6kg)


2 x keyhole mounting slots

Additional information

Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 30.5 × 5.1 cm

Workplace Noise Monitoring

Hardware Features

Power Supply Options

Average Operating Time


Cirrus Research


Monitoring Duration




SoundSign Noise Warning Sign

User Manual

SoundSign Noise Warning Sign


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