IS0 9612 NoiseTools Module

Noise Analysis Software

The IS0 9612 NoiseTools Module for the determination of occupational noise exposure from noise level measurements based on:

  • Task-based measurement
  • Job-based measurement, and
  • Full-day measurement
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IS0 9612 NoiseTools Module

We developed the IS0 9612 NoiseTools module initially for the EU as this is commonly used in France and other European markets for assessing occupational noise levels.

This International Standard provides a stepwise approach to the determination of occupational noise exposure from noise level measurements. The procedure contains the following major steps: work analysis, selection of measurement strategy, measurements, error handling and uncertainty evaluations, calculations, and presentation of results.

This International Standard specifies three different measurement strategies

  • Task-based measurement
  • Job-based measurement
  • Full-day measurement


When this module is added to NoiseTools it allows the user to make a deeper analysis of not only noise exposure but the activities of the individual that lead to the exposure levels.

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