Station météorologique MaxiMet GMX600

Surveillance basée sur le nuage

Cirrus Research s’est associé à Gill Instruments Ltd, expert en stations météorologiques, pour vous offrir la meilleure solution pour la surveillance météorologique. La station météorologique GMX600 s’intègre au nuage quantique de Cirrus Research afin que vous puissiez visualiser les données de vitesse et de direction du vent 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, sur n’importe quel appareil, partout dans le monde.

  • Mesure les données de vent, de précipitations, de température, d’humidité et de pression
  • Léger et robuste
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La station météo MaxiMet GMX600

Cirrus Research has partnered with Gill Instruments Ltd, experts in weather stations, to offer you the best solution for weather monitoring.

The GMX600 is a compact weather station capable of measuring a range of weather data. The GMX600 Weather Station integrates with the Quantum Cloud from Cirrus Research so you can view wind speed and direction data 24/7, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Température, humidité, pression

A combined instrument mounted inside three double louvered, naturally aspirated radiation shields with no moving parts. The results are high performance across each measurement over long periods of time.


Wind speed and direction measurements are provided via an ultrasonic sensor and the addition of an electronic compass provides apparent wind measurements. Average speed and direction together with WMO averages and gust data is also provided.


An integrated optical rain gauge that automatically senses water hitting its outside surface and provides measurements based on the size and number of drops. Algorithms interpret this data and simulate the output of a tipping bucket rain gauge in a serial format. The optical rain gauge has no moving parts associated with tipping bucket gauges.

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