Technical Papers & Notes

Influences of weather, damage and ageing on the performance of outdoor microphone windshields
Technical Note 28 Audio recording with the Optimus green sound level meters
Technical Note 31 Measuring NR & NC values with the Optimus sound level meter and NoiseTools software
Technical Note 32 Tonal noise detection with the Optimus sound level meters
Technical Note 34 SIM Card requirements for the CK:680 Outdoor Kit
Technical Note 36 NoiseTools System Requirements & EULA
Technical Note 44 Configuring an Optimus green sound level meter for use with a CK680 Outdoor Kit
Technical Note 46 doseBadge Reader Support in the NoiseTools Software 
Technical Note 48 Communications protocol for the Optimus sound level meters
Technical Note 58 NoiseTools v1.5 Release Notes
Technical Note 59 NoiseTools Advanced Installation Information
Technical Note 61 NoiseTools v1.6 Release Notes
Technical Note 63 Configuring the Trojan2 for 24 hour data blocks
Technical Note 64 Optimus USB troubleshooting
Technical Note 65 What is AuditStore and How Does it Work
Technical Note 66 Vehicle Noise Printing – Optimus
Windows 7 USB Connectivity with Cirrus noise measurement instruments