Optimus/Optimus+ Screensaver and Display Power Saving Modes

This article refers to the Optimus/Optimus+ sound level meters and Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorders

The Optimus/Optimus+ and Trojan sound level meters provide a screensaver and power saving to help increase the available. battery life.

If no keys are pressed for 5 minutes the display will dim to preserve battery and screen life, and reduce power consumption.

After 30 minutes with no key presses the display will switch off completely and keypad flashes every two seconds to show that the instrument is powered.

The instrument may appear to be switched off. If the display is blank, do not press the power button. 

Press any key on the front of the instrument to restore the display. This will not affect any measurement data.

The screen dim and screen saver functions are active during measurements as well as when the instrument is not measuring. 

Note that the time intervals for the screen dim and screen saver are configurable in the NoiseTools software.

If pressing a key on the front of the instrument does not reactivate the display, the internal batteries may be flat and should be replaced. Press the power button to switch the instrument on.