OLED Screen Degradation Information

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED) degradation, also called ‘Black Spot Phenomenon’, is caused by the degradation of the organic material used within the OLED.

This degradation can be caused by radiation, x-rays, exposure to air particles during manufacture or over-usage.
Research into this problem using soft x-ray scanning photoemission microscopy has revealed that the bubble-like defects on the cathode surface, which is found on OLED screens experiencing degradation issues, have significant amounts of indium from the disruption of indium tin oxide anode and this affects the organic material.

Though great improvements have been made in recent years, OLEDs still have a limited lifespan. This is typically 28,000 hours for red or green OLEDs, after which time the brightness of the screen will reduce by 50%.

If you notice this issue with your Optimus screen, we will replace it when it comes in for its service.