Time History View in NoiseTools

The Time History view shows the noise profile data stored by the instrument.

The parameters shown on the screen can be selected when you click on the Legend at the left of the graph.

To zoom in on a section of the graph, highlight the section required by dragging the mouse pointer, right-click on the area and select zoom. To zoom out, right-click and select Zoom, All.

Right-click on the graph to export the screen as an image or export the information as a CSV file for use in other programs.

To print the measurement, press the Actions button at the top of the measurement tabs and select Quick Report. Click save to save the report (HTML, XML or PDF) or print the report directly.


Markers can be created on the time history to mark certain events or highlight a period of data.

These can be created by either: Selecting an area, right-clicking and choosing mark. Right-clicking and choosing Mark Point, or right-clicking and choosing Mark Period, then entering the required dates and times.

Once the time of a marker has been selected a popup window appears to allow you to choose the colour of the marker and enter a suitable label. You can create many markers for similar noises by selecting the previous label and colour from the list provided.

The marker is then shown over the time history graph. Hovering your mouse over the marked area, or the marker pointer along the top, will show a popup of the levels during the marked time. This information is also available on the Details tab.