Opening Measurement Group Tabs in a New Window in NoiseTools

All measurements or groups are opened into new tabs within the main window. This keeps everything together and makes it easy to switch between them.

However, sometimes you may want to have two or more measurements on screen at once. This is especially useful if you have several monitors attached to your computer.

To move a tab to a new window simply click and drag it outside of the main window. Alternatively, you can create a new window from the current tab by clicking the small ‘pop out’ button in the top right corner.

Using this method you can create multiple extra windows and position and resize them however you want. Each window can still hold several measurements so you can keep them together as you are working with them.

When you have finished with a measurement simply click the close button as normal and the additional window will also close.

If you wish to bring all your open measurements back into the main window, click the Tools menu then select Combine pop-out windows.

You can also reorder tabs by dragging them within the same window.