Octave and Third Frequency Band View in NoiseTools

The Frequency Bands view, where available, shows the Octave and Third Octave Band data for the selected measurement. The default view is the overall Leq for each octave band along with the calculated NR and NC values. In addition to the overall octave band measurements, a time history or noise profile is stored.

Click the Time History button to access this display. The graph and numerical data will show the first sample of noise in the profile. Press the Play button at the bottom of the chart to automatically playback the data or use the slider to manually move through the recorded data.

The slider can be used to select either a single sample or a period of time containing many samples. In this case, the Leq will be recalculated across the selected data and shown on the bar graph.

Click the Show A or Show C buttons to overlay the octave band data with the dB(A) or dB(C) corrections added. Click the NR or NC buttons to overlay the corresponding NR or NC curves onto the Octave Band Measurement data. Right-click on the graph to export as an image (JPEG or PNG) for use in other programs.

Right-click on the numerical data to export as an XML or CSV file for use in other programs. To print the measurement, press the Actions button at the top of the measurement tabs and select Quick Report.

When the report is ready, click Preview the view, Save to save the report (HTML, XML or PDF) or print the report directly.