NoiseTools Storage Manager

The Storage Manager shows how much storage space NoiseTools is using for various items as well as how many measurements you have in your database.


This shows the size and number of measurements in your current database. It also shows the total size and measurements in all databases that NoiseTools is set to use.

The Pack button will start the compacting and repairing process on the database. You will most likely not need to use this unless asked to by Cirrus support staff.

However, if you have recently deleted a large number of measurements from the database you can save a lot of disk space by running the pack function.

Audio Storage

This shows the location, size and file count of your audio storage directory. Due to the size of audio files, these are stored separately from the main measurement information.

The Change button allows you to move the audio to another location, for example, a second hard disk. Click this button and choose the new location for audio files. NoiseTools will then move all files to the new location, this will take some time depending on the size of the files and the speed of your hard disks.

The Clear Unused button allows you to remove any old unused audio files that may still exist. If you have recently deleted measurements that were linked to audio files it is possible that these files are still stored on disk. Click this button to find old files and remove them, this may take up to a minute.

The Convert button allows to you change how audio is stored on the database.

Download Cache

This shows the size and earliest date of files stored in the download cache. This stores a backup of measurements as they are downloaded.

This is not currently usable by the end-user but can be useful for Cirrus support staff to recover measurements or diagnose problems.

If this is using a lot of hard disk space you can click the Clear button to remove it.