NoiseTools Internet Connectivity

In order to function properly NoiseTools requires access to the following locations:


Note: NoiseTools only uses outgoing HTTP connections to port 80.

If you have a firewall on your PC, you will need to add NoiseTools to the list of allowed programs. This is often automatic and you may see a prompt the first time you run NoiseTools.

If your network has other firewalls blocking outgoing connections, or if you are unable to allow NoiseTools on your machine, you will need to contact your IT department and ask them to configure the firewall to allow the NoiseTools program to access these locations.

If your network uses a proxy server to provide access to the internet this will need to be correctly configured on your PC.

NoiseTools supports most proxy servers and will automatically detect these when configured in Windows, via Control Panel > Internet Options.

If this is not configured or if NoiseTools has trouble connecting to the internet, you will need to contact your IT department and ask them to configure your firewall to allow access.

Additional Requirements for Remote Instruments

Optimus Green (CR:170 series) with CK:680 outdoor kit.

When NoiseTools connects to a CK:680 outdoor kit using a remote connection, it requires access to the following:

  • The instrument IP Address

You can find your instrument’s IP address via the Optimus Cloud website, once it has been linked to your account. Most instruments use a static IP address so this will not change over time.

In most circumstances, you will not need to do anything other than what was required to grant NoiseTools general access to the internet, as described above.

However if you have a strict firewall or use a proxy server you will need to contact your IT department and ask them to configure the firewall 

Note 1: Connections to the optimus/CK:680 instrument use an outgoing TCP connection to port 22850. These do not currently support forwarding through a proxy server.

Note 2: These connections can be made from any available port in the range 49152 to 65535. The ports are allocated and controlled by Windows.

Note 3: If the NoiseTools PC or network has a firewall that blocks outgoing connections, it will need to be configured to allow connections from NoiseTools to the Optimus/CK:680.

This can be done by allowing any connection to the known IP and Port of the instrument(s). It can be further restricted to the IP address of the NoiseTools PC if required.