Importing and Exporting Measurement Data to/from NoiseTools

NoiseTools allows you to export lots of individual data items to CSV files from any of the data tables throughout the program. This is ideal for importing data into a spreadsheet or similar program but cannot be used to transfer data to another person using NoiseTools.

To support this NoiseTools allows you to export measurements to Measurement Transfer Package (MTP) files, which can then be copied to another person and imported into their NoiseTools.

To export a single measurement as MTP, first open the measurement then click Menu > Export. Alternatively to select several measurements, either open them all then click Tools > Export, or select them in the tree, right-click and choose Export.

The export window will now appear, this shows a list of the measurements you are about to export and allows you to choose additional options. If you do not wish to export People, Places and Projects that are needed by these measurements then untick the box. If you do not wish to export audio untick the box. Not exporting audio can make the MTP file significantly smaller.

Now click the Export button and choose where to save the file. The export process may take a few minutes for large numbers of measurements or very long measurements.

To import an MTP file either double click on it in windows or select Tools > Import > MTP in NoiseTools. The import preview window will appear to show which measurements are contained in the file. Simply click Import to begin importing them into your NoiseTools Database.

Once complete the import window will close and the measurement trees will be refreshed. You should now see the measurements in the relevant location in the lists.