How do I download measurements from my Optimus/Optimus+ sound level meter into NoiseTools?

After you’ve taken measurements with your sound level meter, you’ll want to download, analyse and report on your findings.

To download data from your instrument, you’ll first need to connect it to your PC and open NoiseTools, and then click on the download arrow for the connected instrument.

Once the measurements window is displayed, you can use the shift key to select a range of measurements. Select the first measurement in the list, press and hold the shift key and select the last measurement in the list that you need.

Use the control key to select multiple measurements. Hold the control key and select the measurements required.

Use the Select All button to include all your measurements for download.

Ensure you tick the data you wish to include in the download: Download Time History (broadband), Download Time History (Octave), Download Audio


Click the download button to begin getting your data from your meter. This might take a while, especially if you have a large number of measurements. So it’s a perfect opportunity to go and have a cuppa.

Don’t disconnect the instrument during a download, otherwise you might cause problems…and nobody wants that.