Can I add images to measurements in NoiseTools?

If you take photos while you are measuring, you can add them to the measurement in NoiseTools. This is a very easy way to create a record of what each measurement was.

Firstly, collect all the pictures you wish to use and copy them to the My Pictures\NoiseTools folder in windows. This folder will be created by NoiseTools when you first open the Add Pictures window, if it does not exist you can create it yourself now.

Open the measurement you wish to attach a picture to in the normal way. Then click on Menu > Add Picture from the measurement tab. This opens the Pictures window.

Click Find Pictures and wait while NoiseTools populates the list of relevant pictures. NoiseTools will search through the folder where you put the pictures and compare the timestamp with the time of the measurement. Once the list is displayed you will see a small preview image and a colour coded score. The image with a green star or the highest score is the one that best matches the measurement.

Select an image from the list to see a larger preview. Then click Attach Selected Picture to attach that image to the measurement.

If no pictures are shown, then none of the pictures in the folder were within half an hour of the measurement time. For this feature to work best, the clock on the camera should match that of the sound level meter.

Alternatively, if the timestamp of the picture does not match that of the measurement you wish to attach it to, you can click ‘Browse for Picture’ in the ‘Add Picture’ window.