Calibrated Audio Playback in NoiseTools

The Calibrated Audio feature in NoiseTools allows you to playback an audio recording at the same level as when it was recorded. Do not use this for extremely loud noises as this may damage the speakers.

Do not use the speaker calibration with headphones.

To use the Calibrated Audio Playback feature you must first calibrate NoiseTools with your speakers using the Speaker Calibration Wizard.

Open the Speaker Calibration Wizard by clicking on the Tools menu then selecting Speaker Calibration.

First, ensure you have an instrument connected to the computer and that your speakers are connected and working.

The microphone of the sound level meter should be placed at the listening position.

It is essential to eliminate or reduce as much as possible any background noise. The calibration process is looking for the signal being measured by the sound level meter to be stable. Any interference from background noise levels will affect the stability and may prevent the calibration from completing.

Background noise of 60dB will affect the overall level by 0.4dB which may cause the measured level to be unstable.

The system will attempt to produce a level of 70dB through the loudspeaker. NoiseTools will adjust the output level up and down to ensure that the level being measured by the connected sound level meter is at 70dB.

Then follow the simple on-screen instructions to calibrate your speakers.

Once this is complete close the wizard and follow the normal Audio Playback instructions.