Advanced Installations of NoiseTools

The NoiseTools program is used to download measurement data from a range of Cirrus Research noise measurement instruments.

Measurements are stored within a database with audio recordings and VoiceTag files (where available) stored as individual files.

The configuration file used by NoiseTools, settings.xml, contains the location of these files that the program should use and this information can be edited to suit a range of different installation environments.

Technical Note 59, Advanced Installation of NoiseTools, details a range of aspects relating to the installation and deployment of NoiseTools and covers the following topics:

NoiseTools System Requirements
– USB Download
– Internet Access for the NoiseTools software
– Remote data access
– Default storage locations
– NoiseTools setting and configuration information
– Using multiple measurement databases
– Installation for multiple users
– Silent installation of NoiseTools
Transferring measurements
Example installations

Download Technical Note 59 using the following link:

Tech Note 59 Advanced Installation of NoiseTools