1:12 Octave Band Data from Audio in NoiseTools

The Frequency Analysis tab allows you to calculate and display 1:12 octave bands on the 3D graph. This is done by running FFTs on any available audio for the measurement.

To see the 1:12 octaves simply select the Frequency Analysis tab and click the 1:12 Octave button at the top. The results will now be calculated for the entire measurement. This will take some time for long measurements or on slower computers.

Once this is done the graph will be redrawn showing maximum values across the measurement. You can then zoom and move through the measurement as normal.

When you are fully zoomed and find something interesting you may wish to have more detail. Right-click on the sample you are interested in and select Show Spectrum. This will take a few seconds then open a popup window containing a full frequency graph from the selected point in time.

Right-click on either the 3D view or the detailed FFT to export images or the raw data.


You can alter the options used in the FFT calculations by clicking the FFT Options button.

To adjust the block size, this affects the time and frequency resolution, move the slider. To change the windowing function, choose an item from the drop-down list.