What’s new in NoiseTools 1.8.8

NoiseTools.1.8.8 is an update that introduces improvements to the software, including compatibility and bug fixes. Based on the update introduced in Version 1.8.5, which changed the way NoiseTools communicates with 擎天柱云 和 Optimus户外测量套件(CK:685), this update 必须 被安装。

An overview of what’s new in NoiseTools 1.8.8.

  • Added support for the Optimus+ GPS Module
  • Added map and GPS information to noise measurement reports
  • Added automatic linking for Places based on location
  • 其他各种小错误修复和改进

NoiseTools 1.8.8 is compatible with the following instruments:

  • doseBadge5 噪声剂量计,包括具有八度音阶的版本
  • Optimus / Optimus +声级计范围
  • Environmental noise measurement kits
  • 特洛伊木马噪音记录仪
  • 配备RC:110A / RC:110AL / RC:112A读取器单元的mgM4:4(CR:110A,CR:110AIS,CR:112AIS)噪声剂量计
  • 声级计的CR:800C和CR:260A范围(带USB)


NoiseTools 1.7(及更高版本)与Windows 7、8、8.1和10(32位和64位)兼容。不支持macOS,Linux或其他操作系统。

请注意,NoiseTools 1.7(及更高版本)与Windows XP或Windows Vista不兼容。如果您需要进一步的帮助,请联系技术支持。

有关NoiseTools的最低,推荐和理想PC规格的详细信息, 点击这里。