Environmental noise

Let’s work together to fight noise pollution.

According to the World Health Organisation, noise pollution is the second biggest environmental cause of health problems. For more than 50 years, Cirrus Research has designed and supplied intuitive acoustic measurement solutions to help businesses across the world protect people and the environment from noise. We’re here to make it easy and simple.

Why measure noise pollution?

Just like air pollution, noise pollution can be incredibly damaging. Not only to the wildlife and the environment, but also to human health. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), after air pollution, noise pollution is the second largest environmental cause of health problems.

Everyone has the right to live a life that is free of excessive noise disturbance. Not only can noise pollution cause annoyance and distress, but it can also lead to more serious health conditions. Research has shown that when exposed to noise levels great than 40 dB while sleeping, people are at greater risk of sleep disturbance, which can have an adverse effect on people’s mental wellbeing. Levels above 55 dB can cause conditions such as high blood pressure and ischaemic heart disease.

Noise pollution from heavy industry, aviation and power generation can be controlled. Cirrus Research provides a range of solutions to make it easy, simple and less time-consuming.

How can Cirrus Research help?

Introducing the solutions we offer to make monitoring and measuring environmental noise easy and straightforward.

Environmental sound level meters

Packed with all the functionality needed to easily and effectively measure noise pollution, the Optimus+ Green sound level meter has become the staple of environmental noise monitoring.

Key features include:
• Simulatenous measurement of all noise parameters, so you never have to worry about missing data because you forgot to press a button
• Meets international standards, so you can confident in your data’s accuracy and reliability
• Lightweight and ergonomic design, to make it easy to use for longer periods
• AuditStore™ technology, to safeguard your measurement data against tampering and manipulation

Outdoor noise monitoring kits

Based on Cirrus Research’s iconic Optimus technology, the Outdoor Measurement Kit works with the Optimus+ Green sound level meter to provide a longer-term environmental noise measurement solution.

Key features include:
• All the standard functionality available on the Optimus+ Green sound level meter
• Strong and robust weatherproof case, making it suitable for long-term outdoor noise monitoring
• Modem-connected variant available, to provide real-time notifications via email or SMS
• Cloud-connectivity available through modem variant, allowing you to access your noise data any time, anywhere

GPS-enabled sound level meters

The latest addition to Cirrus Research’s arsenal in the fight against environmental noise, the Optimus+ GPS provides pin-point accurate location data for every measurement that’s taken.

Key features include:
• Available as a plug-in module for existing Optimus+ instruments or as a complete measurement kit, so you can choose the best way to access GPS functionality
• Industry-leading TTFF (time to first fix), so you don’t have to wait for an accurate GPS signal
• Includes all the functionality of whichever Optimus+ it’s attached to, so you still have access to all the noise data you need
• Removable module, to preserve the sound level meter’s battery life when GPS data is not needed

Using and Accessing GPS Data in our NoiseTools Software

Why choose Cirrus Research?

GDPR Compliant
15-Year Warranty

Every piece of Cirrus Research equipment is back by our industry-leading 15-year warranty and it covers absolutely everything, including accidental damage to the microphone capsule..

Superior Build Quality
UK Technical Support

Our UK-based team of experts are always on-hand to offer help, guidance and support whenever you need it. If you’ve got a question about how to use your equipment or noise in general, we’re always here for you.

Fully Customisable Messaging
Superior Build Quality

Each instrument is designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Their robust and durable design makes them incredibly sturdy and the technology inside has been leading the market for more than 50 years.

UKAS Calibration Available
UKAS Calibration Available

Cirrus Research is a UKAS-accredited acoustic instrument calibration laboratory*. Ensure your measurements are accurate, reliable and robust enough to stand up to legal scrutiny.

*Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here.

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