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Coastal Council in Südostengland Zusammenarbeit mit Cirrus Research zur Bekämpfung von Lärmbelästigung

Coastal Council in Südostengland – Zusammenarbeit mit Cirrus Research zur Bekämpfung von Lärmbelästigung

Noise nuisance is a growing issue that is constantly hitting the headlines. Whether it’s noisy neighbours, barking dogs or factory noise, the need to measure nuisance noise is rapidly increasing.

Local authorities, housing associations and environmental health officers often have to deal with a wide range of noise complaints from local residents.

Environmental Health Officers at a coastal council in the South of England are often faced with a wide variety of noise issues ranging from dogs, cockerels and even pigeons, all the way through to the more industrial sources of noise, such as factory fans, machinery and lower frequency noise.

Upon speaking with the noise experts at Cirrus Research, the council team decided that the Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder was the best placed device to assist them with their noise nuisance needs, and have been more than happy with the result of their investment.

“We were lucky to have found something that does exactly what we need whilst being technically advanced and easy-to-use.”

We spoke to one of their Enviromental Health Officers who said, “We primarily use the Trojan within complainants’ properties, to allow recordings to be made of the nuisance noise as and when it occurs. The device is incredibly easy-touse, with our residents only having to press a start and stop button to capture data. This was a major selling point to us.”

Other selling points for the team were the industry-leading 15-year warranty and the licence-free software that both come with every Cirrus Research noise measurement device.

Not only does the Trojan come with our licence-free data analysis and reporting software, NoiseTools, and our free mobile app, NoiseAid, but it’s also supported by our industry-leading 15-year warranty, providing councils and housing associations with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected against any damage.

“The extended 15-year warranty that came alongside the Trojan gave us peace of mind.”

“The extended 15-year warranty that came alongside the Trojan gave us peace of mind knowing that we would be leaving the device in residents’ properties for a prolonged period of time. The bonus of being able to use the licence-free software at no added cost made analysing and reporting the data much easier for the team, and saved us a lot of time and money.”

The Trojan can be deployed quickly and easily, which significantly reduces the time any team needs to spend on site, helping to save resources for more complaints to be investigated.

The team said, “It’s a flexible product, and we were lucky to have found a piece of equipment that does exactly what we need whilst being technically advanced and still so easy-to-use.”

Wir empfehlen

Cirrus-Produkte, die in dieser Fallstudie verwendet werden

Noise Nuisance Recorder
Trojan2 Belästigungs-Recorder

The Trojan2 Noise Nuisance Recorder is a simple and effective solution for measuring and monitoring noise nuisance complaints.

Entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen Behörden
Auswahl an Standard-, High- und Studio-Audioqualität
Abnehmbarer Schallpegelmesser der Klasse 1 IEC 61672:2013
Resident-Bedienelemente mit drahtloser Fernbedienung mit zwei Tasten
NoiseAid App zur Protokollierung von Lärmbelästigungsereignissen

NoiseAid is a web-based application that gives you and your users a quick, simple way to gather information about the noise sources that they are concerned about. Users can instantly log noise disturbances via any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer using the simple interface, adding notes when the noise has ended.

Konzipiert für die Nutzung durch Kommunen, Wohnungsbaugesellschaften und Anwohner
Keine Begrenzung der Anzahl der Benutzer, die erstellt werden können
Kann auf jedem Gerät mit einem modernen Webbrowser verwendet werden
Erstellen Sie Berichte, um eine einfache Nachverfolgung von Beschwerden über Lärmbelästigung zu ermöglichen
NoiseTools Analyse-Software

NoiseTools is our licence-free noise measurement database, supplied as standard with our sound level meters, noise dosimeters, and noise measurement kits, to help you manage and control noise levels in your workplace or in the environment.

Lizenzfrei ohne Installationsbeschränkungen und lebenslange kostenlose Updates
Wählen Sie ganz einfach Gehörschützer aus Empfehlungen aus, die auf Ihren Ergebnissen basieren
Greifen Sie auf eine Reihe integrierter Berichte zu oder erstellen Sie detaillierte Berichte aus Ihren Daten
Automatische Erkennung von Datenqualität und Zuverlässigkeit über AuditStore
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