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Noise At Work Awareness Course

This 4-hour noise at work awareness course covers sound measurement, health and safety implications, and regulatory responsibilities according to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005). It provides theoretical and practical guidance on noise measurement and control, including tips for analysis and implementation of suitable measures and hearing protection equipment to prevent harm to employees.

Course Content

Who should take this course?

This course is suitable for individuals new to measuring noise at work as well as those who would simply like a refresher.

Health and Safety personnel who require a basic understanding of the noise regulations that apply to employers and employees
People who are new to Noise Assessments
People who have not been involved in this area for some time and would like a refresher
Learn about the impact of excess sound on human health
Find out about the Control of Noise at Work Regulations
Find out how to measure and report noise data
Learn how to selected appropriate hearing protection
Craig Storey

About Your Tutor

Craig Storey has a Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering and a post-graduate Diploma in Acoustics. He has worked in the field of acoustics for over 10 years with Cirrus Research in Business Development, acoustic consultancy and environmental solutions.

Craig has experience in many business sectors from Aviation to Mining to Logistics to General Manufacturing, and has given training and provided consultancy to a wide variety of businesses to help them understand their requirements under legislation.

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